B A R N E T   F A I N



The work that I am doing reflects the artistic activity that I have pursued during the last few years as I have been introduced to the complex process of making prints and have become enthralled by its potential and challenge.

Initially working under the guidance of professional printmakers, I began to discover that I instinctively responded to the many opportunities offered by the manipulation of images through the various techniques of drypoint, monotype, intaglio, and relief. I have found most interesting the process of non-toxic printmaking using solar plates, either as a single image or in combination with monotype to create more complex work. I tend to be less concerned with the traditional printmaker’s production of an edition than I am with the exploration of an idea using a variety of techniques and approaches in order to stretch the boundaries of my skills and perception.

I am a member of the Goddard Partridge Studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and have exhibited at Gallery 297 in Bristol, RI , Imago Gallery, Pawtucket Art Association, Spring Bull Gallery, Newport, RI, The Newport Art Museum, Bristol Community College, Rhode Island Hospital, as well as at the Providence Art Club of which I have been a member since 1967 and an Artist Member since 2006.

Prior to, and following my retirement, I have also been active in a variety of non-profit activities including positions as Chairs of the Rhode Island School of Design, The Miriam Hospital, Lifespan, and The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.